Buying Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

When Buyer purchases an electronic Gift Card through the Services, we will email the electronic Gift Card to the email account designated by Buyer. When Buyer purchases a physical Gift Card, we will mail it to the address designated by Buyer. We may charge a shipping and handling fee to mail physical Gift Cards and, if so, will disclose such fee prior to any applicable Gift Card sale. We are not responsible for any Gift Cards used without your permission or for any lost or stolen Gift Cards. Risk of loss and title to Gift Cards purchased by Buyer through the Services pass to Buyer or the Buyer’s designated recipient, as applicable, upon electronic transmission of the Gift Card to the email address provided to us or delivery of the Gift Card to the shipping carrier, as applicable. We are not liable for any delivery failures for Gift Cards.
Buyer acknowledges and agrees that:
  • Gift Cards are issued by third parties (each, a “Merchant“) and are not issued by LocaLinxs.
  • the use and redemption of a Gift Card is subject to certain terms and conditions (which may include expiration dates, limitations, and fees) established by the applicable Merchant; and we are not responsible, and have no liability, for: 
  • 1)the terms and conditions of Gift Cards;
  • (2) any products and services that are acquired with Gift Cards;
  • (3) any unused Gift Card balances in the event the applicable Merchant goes out of business, files for bankruptcy, or otherwise fails to honor Gift Cards; or
  • (4) any other claims or disputes with any Merchants. If you have any questions about a Gift Card, you must contact the applicable Merchant. Terms and conditions for certain Gift Cards may be available on the applicable Merchant’s website. We may make certain terms and conditions for Gift Cards available through the Services solely for your convenience.
  • (5) This is not a Credit/debit card and has no implied warrantied.
  • (6) Merchant is not responsible for lost,stolen or damaged cards or any unauthorized card use.
  • (7) Funds on cards cannot be applied toward gratuity. Unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed for cash.


We will refund the purchase price paid by you for a Gift Card through the Services, subject to certain conditions specified in this subsection, if the Gift Card we deliver, through no fault of your own: (i) is inactive, (ii) has a lower balance than was represented at the time of purchase; (iii) is not delivered within 30 days of the date of purchase; or (iv) is for a Merchant that is different than that of the Gift Card purchased. Solely by way of example, refunds for Gift Cards purchased through the Services are not available if: (1) you request the refund more than 100 days after the date of purchase the Gift Card; (2) the Gift Card has been resold or transferred after it was purchased from us; (3) any or all of the Gift Card balance has been used; (4) you lose the Gift Card or it is stolen; (5) you change your mind; (6) you fail to follow the written procedures that we provide for returning the Gift Card or claiming a refund; (7) we provide you with a notice at the time of purchase that the Gift Card is not covered by our 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee; or (8) the Merchant that issued the Gift Card goes out of business, files for bankruptcy, or otherwise fails to honor the Gift Card. In order to qualify for a refund, you must contact us to request a refund within 100 days of purchasing the Gift Card through the Services. All permitted refunds will be remitted to the payment method originally used to pay the purchase price or via such other method selected by us in our sole discretion. Except as expressly provided in this subsection or as otherwise required by applicable law, Gift Cards are not returnable or refundable. This subsection only applies to individual users of the Services that purchase Gift Cards in small quantities.


We have two methods of delivery

1. Cards that are marked E-Cards will be delivered  via email, which will arrive in your inbox within 10 minutes of your purchase, please check spam or junk file to assure delivery is somewhere within your email account.

2. Cards Marked as Gift Cards will be delivered via standard mail and will be shipped out within 7 days of purchase.